In God We Trust - REST IN PEACE

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"The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord"

- Job 1:21

In  Loving  Memory  of

 E M E R E N T I A N A


Born : 20th February 2009

Baptised : 6th June 2009

Died : 9th June 2009



This website is dedicated to Late CHERIKNA DONNASA D. SANGMA, one and only 3.5 months old daughter of Mr Dipu N. Marak and Mrs Dezyama D. Sangma of Tura, Meghalaya. Late Cherikna Donnasa D. Sangma was born on 20th February 2009, 6:50pm at Holy Cross Hospital, Tura. Her birth heralds the new beginning, a new hope and a joy in completing a family. She was the first child born to her parents after 10 long years of marriage. Therefore, she was special and God gifted child to her parents and the whole family.

Emerentiana was her Baptism name chosen by her mother and she was Baptised on 6th June 2009. Her name Cherikna Donnasa, which means "Destined to win" in Garo language, was given to her by her father. Her 2 year old cousin sister named her Nono Shanno and Shanno became her nickname. She weighs 3.25 Kgs during her birth and she was a healthy and strong baby. She was a baby who could hear and see right from the day she was born. She could follow the movements and respond even to the faintest of sound. During her very short life, she taught her parents the beauty and joy of parenting and the bond of love. She would greet anyone with a sweet smile and a loving coos.... She loved to smile, play and "talk" with her parents and her favourite objects were her daddy's watch and she loved flowers. She never cried without a cause and whenever she cry, she would look at the flowers in the table and smile away the pain and discomforts.

But the happiness of the family, the bundle of joy and the "Little Angel" was destined to leave her parents and family soon and baby Cherikna Donnasa fell ill on the fateful evening of 2nd June 2009. She had repeated severe seizures and breathing difficulties, she was rushed to Holy Cross Hospital, Tura Christian Hospital. She was finally taken to International Hospital Guwahati on 6th June 2009 at 8:00pm and was admitted to ICU at 2:15am where she was put on a ventilator and other life support systems. On 8th June 2009 evening at around 9:00pm, she had 2 massive heart attacks. Sadly about 4 hours later, on 9th June 2009 at 1:00am her brain shutdown and she was declared "No more" at 1:32am. Strong as she ever was, she fought bravely till the end and she faced death with a sweet smile !!! Her untimely demise brought in a pall of gloom, sadness, undescribable loss and emotional landslide not only to his parents and family, who were in tears but also to the attending Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses of the ICU at the hospitals.

After 110 days of life on Earth, the "Little Angel" was no more ! She was taken away by the Almighty Lord to be with him. May her soul EVER REST IN PEACE.

Here's a small poem that I remembered :

"She is the magic, Our dream to hold,

One in a million, More precious than gold,

She is the sunshine, Oh she's the star in dark sky,

She was, She is and She will be

The beat of our heart............Forever !!!"